The world's most

private, secure and encrypted

enterprise messenger

Ensures maximum corporate data security

Encrypted messaging allows:
  • Chat / Groupchat / Voice and Video Calling
  • File / Picture / Video Sharing

The most advanced
encryption technology

All features are encrypted

  • Chat
  • Group Post and Live Chat
  • Sharing pictures, video and files
  • Voice and video calling
  • Voice and video messages
  • Drawings, drawing on pictures
  • Location sharing
  • Who's near

One account

any device anywhere

Secure Haze communicates across devices and platforms

Use your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop to send secure messages and make encrypted calls to co-workers.


SecureHaze provides communications for our employees and contractors allowing us to have unmatched security of our messages, documents, voice and video calls - we are no longer vulnerable.

Luther Garcia, CEO